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If you're just starting up your internet business, you will have to spend a lot of time just to learn about promoting your web site. One of the most important lessons to learn is how you can quickly spot the scams and the marketing tricks.

Here is the first example:

Increase your traffic, submit your site to thousands of search engines and directories.

Never pay for such promotions.
If you really want to try out one of these services, you will find many sites that will do it for free or just to get your email address. Others, will insist on a return link and your email address. Just make sure you follow my advice in the next section first.
You will receive hundreds of junk emails.
Before you get involved with these automatic submission services, get a new email address from one of the free email providers. If you give them that email address you can track down what other people do with it, and discard this email address again at a later stage. If you do not get hundreds of emails, you did not get submitted to those hundreds of search engines.
You won't get much traffic
There are probably less than fifty directories and search engines that will generate any real traffic. Most Free For All Link sites are set up to catch email addresses and you will be lucky if you get more than a single visitor from any of them. I have submitted my sites several times and received more junk mail than visitors.
Major traffic comes from major search engines and directories only
If you can get a good ranking on Google you've got it made. Getting a good ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo is more important than anything else. Concentrate on the major players in this field and learn how they decide if you get listed.
Many major sites will want you to submit manually.
If you use automatic submission services they might just ignore you. If you are unlucky, they may consider you a spammer and black list your site. So, keep track of when you submitted to the main search engines and don't use any services that won't allow you to disable submission to search engines.
Find one of the many good sites with free search engine information and tips.
I hope you consider this site one of them, but there are others as well. Again no need to pay for good information, although you might want to consider paying for a good consultant.

$*** of Special Reports on how to promote your web site for only $** .

No need to pay for any Special Reports
Whether it is a special report to improve your web promotion or a course to improve your Internet marketing, you will most likely not receive any real value for your money. Unless you know someone else who has bought the same special report or course, and is not getting paid to recommend it to you, I would not part with my money. I would rather spend it at the races, the odds are better.
There are many good reports available for free.
Sorry, I have not had the time to generate a link page yet. But you'll find that many web masters are willing to give away special reports for you just visiting their site. Others insist on your email address. They either politely ask for your email address or they ask you to email them and then send you their report using an auto responder. Again a good reason to have a special free email account for junk emails.

I have earned more than $**** this last month, I never believed it was possible, but ...

If they really have earned that much they probably wouldn't need to bother you.
They need you to be able to earn more money. That doesn't necessarily mean you will make money. You do the work, they get some of the profit. If they find enough other people willing to work for a pittance, they'll have a good income. But, most likely they have just joined themselves and will still be at the bottom of the pyramid. It's the person one level higher who is making the money.
To make money you need a good web site, with quality content.
Just investigate the content of their web site. If the site only consists of a single page, they won't make money of the web site. They are just recruiting. Most likely, the page comes from a standard template and you will find similar sites regularly.
You will need to work hard to promote your site and build up your leads.
If they promise you success with hardly any effort from your side, they need your money. If they don't need your time, what else is there they want from you. Getting a few dollars from a lot of people can make someone very rich, and most likely that someone will not be you.

Not all Multi Level Marketing scheme's are scams

There is nothing wrong with an MLM that gives you value for your money, even if you do not sign up any new members in your downline. Just don't believe it will be easy to make money unless you have a good web site and good e-marketing skills. If the MLM mainly advertises the money making features, they probably will not offer their non-MLM customers anything worthwhile. Find an MLM that advertises its products first. The ClickThru web promotion scheme is an excellent example. Most members do not find it necessary to actively create a downline. They like the scheme for it's other features.

Remember that nothing is for free.
Success will only come after a lot of hard work, unless it's a scam.


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