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Meta tags

Web design includes the design of proper meta tags.

Meta tags are items of text in the source of a web document with a prescribed format so that programs, such as your web browser, can identify and utilize them. Meta tags are not normally visible when the browser displays the page to you. Some of them contain text that the browser uses for display at the top of the browser window or in your bookmarks. Other tags are used by search engines. To see them you must ask the browser to show you the source of the document. Try it on this document.

How to make your meta tags

The easiest way, is just copy them from this page. Copy everything between the <head> tag and the </head> tag. Then change the content section of each meta tag to reflect your site. Make sure that the main keywords, those that you want the search engines to use to list you, are used frequently. Put them as close to the beginning of each meta tag as possible.