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Affordable Web Hosting with high traffic limits

For new webmasters there is always a temptation to use free web hosting providers. Using these often unreliable hosting solutions, which only allow a limited amount of traffic to your web site, is the most common mistake beginners make. I have been in this situation as well. As soon as your web site starts becoming successful, you find out they no longer want you to use their free hosting and try to force you on an a ridiculous expensive web hosting solution. As moving to a new host with a new URL means you might lose most of your traffic, you often have no choice: pay up or start all over again.

350GB and 3500GB for $6.95 a month!

Most of my web sites are now hosted on one of two web hosting providers you see on this page. They offer the most affordable low cost plans with a high traffic limit, so you don't have to move to a more expensive hosting solution unless you get millions of visitors.