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These banner backgrounds are free, gratis. Just add your own text or animation to make a terrific banner with an Australian style.

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0 to Bitch in 3.6 seconds

Abolish mornings

Absolute zero is Cool

A hard man is good to find

Alaskans for global warming

All extremists should be shot

All generalizations are false

America, love it or leave it

America needs a Faith Lift

Anarchists of the world Unite

Anarchy. No rules - OK

Ankh if you love ISIS

Ankh if you love RA

Annoy a politician today, THINK

Ask about my Previous Lives

Ask me if I care

Atheism is Myth-understood

Atheists are Beyond Belief

Athletes love to score

Axe me about Ebonics

Back Off, I'm a Goddess

Bad Cop No Donut

Beam me back Merlin

Been There - Shit Happened

Be witched

Bin Laden hates Rock'n Roll

Blondes arent dumm

Born again Atheist

Born Again Pagan

Born free. Taxed to death!

Born once, that was plenty

Born right the first time

Born to Shop

Disco still sucks

Don't follow me, I'm lost too

Goddess on the loose

God is my Pilot

Have God, will travel

I don't care, I don't have to

If you're Rich, I'm Single

I is a College student

I'm not a bum. My wife works

I'm not as Think as you Drunk

Jesus is coming, look busy

My other car is a broom

My reality check bounced!

Poo Poo Happens

Save a cow, eat a vegetarian

So many cats, so few recipes

Tastes Like Wiccan

Visualize Whirled Peas

You can't Fix Stupid

Zero to Naked in 5.1 beers