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I like Mettalica's music. Not that I am a Mettalica fan. Certainly I will never become a Mettalica fan now. Not after their latest attack on the swapping of MP3s on the Internet. Even though I believe this will be a futile attack on free downloads from the Internet any way. Now Napster is no longer free, Morpheus and Imesh have become the most popular swap sites.

Why is Mettalica suing Napster for breach of copyright. Is it really a matter of principle, or is Mettalica just greedy. It is hard to believe that people who make so much money from their music, can be greedy. On the other hand, there are plenty of examples of successful business men, obsessed with making even more money, who will do anything in their power to become as rich as possible. Our world is a material world, and I can therefore not rule out that this is just a matter of being greedy.

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