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Metallica's official sites suck

The official Metallica web sites, such as and Metallica Ontour are rather boring commercial web sites, with hardly any information on the band, it's songs and it's history. The creators of these web sites seem to be more interested in selling Metallica merchandise or the latest Metallica tour, than to provide a complete discography or a list of  fan clubs. 

Metallica Fan sites

With the Metallica business actively protecting its copyrights, it is difficult for web masters of unofficial Metallica sites to create an interesting fan site. Hence, I am surprised about the excellent quality of some of these Metallica sites.

Encyclopedia metallica
The best site for those of you interested in the history of Metallica. This site has a monthly quiz and a good free newsletter.
The first Internet Chapter of the Metallica club. The latest Metallica news and rumours and the best Metallica chat room. Many interesting short sound clips, no songs
T.R.'s completely unofficial metallica page
Nice discography, free newsletters, a list of local chapters of fan clubs ,metallica forums, classified adds for Metallica items and other interactive features.
Cheryl's Metallica page
Lots of pictures, lyrics and stories of people's trips to Metallica concerts, also has an extensive links page
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