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It does not matter where You live,

Your Customers live all over the world!

That's why all my web sites are hosted by the best affordable web hosting providers in the US, with cheap affordable web hosting plans and fast connections to the super information highway. Let's face it. If I would use a local ISP to host my web pages, my visitors would not be happy. They want me to use good high bandwidth hosting so my pages load quickly, even when a lot of other customers are visiting my pages at the same time. So, whether you live Down Under in Australia, or as far east as Japan, the best place to host your web pages is a fast reliable and affordable web hosting service as close to the centre of the Internet as possible. And the centre of the Internet is in the USA.

High-quality but affordable web hosting providers.

I have never understood why people do pay US$10, US$15 or sometimes much more for a budget web hosting service that other reliable low cost web hosting providers offer for no more than US$5.00 to US$8.00. Maybe they never took the trouble of looking around for the best affordable web hosting providers with low cost plans, or maybe they are just afraid that cheap web hosting means low-quality website hosting.

So, how do you find the best web hosting. Well, mostly trial and error. I had to try a lot of cheap affordable web hosting services until I found the best affordable web hosting providers I use now. Luckily, I found one good web host almost immediately. But I did not want to depend too much on a single good web hosting service, so I decided to try other inexpensive hosting providers for my new web sites.  That really opened my eyes. There are so many substandard web hosts out there. I had to try an awful lot of those so-called cheap website hosts until I found my other good affordable hosting providers.

Now, you don't have to go through all that trouble. Because I will tell you which good affordable web hosting companies I use, offered me the best service, good statistics on my visitors, and, most important of all, reliable web hosting. Here is a list of the web sites I currently host with these inexpensive hosting providers:

  • How-to-guides
  • Knox-webmall (my son's)
  • Selecting your best web hosting provider.

    The cheap affordable web hosting providers I have chosen to recommend do offer lots of advanced features, but for me most of these features are not important. By all means, check out whether your favourite features are offered. For me, only the following four features are important in the selection of my best web hosting services:

    1. Does your low cost hosting provider have ample disk space and a generous traffic allowance, even in their lowest priced web hosting plan? You don't want to find out that you have to move to a more expensive package as soon as you get a few hundred visitors per day.
    2. Is your cheap affordable web hosting provider reliable, so your web site will not be down too often?
    3. Does your cheap host provide a good statistics program so you can find out where your visitors are coming from and how they have found your web site?
    4. Does your low cost web hosting provider provide all these features at the lowest price possible and do they offer affordable domain names as well? It is so easy when your web hosting company renews your domain name for you each year as part of your hosting plan.

    If these features are also important for you, all you have to do is chose between the best affordable web hosting packages I describe in the next section.

    The best two affordable web hosting services I use.

    Lunarpages Web Hosting
    I expect the best from my low cost web hosting providers and with Lunarpages I did get the best. With a very proactive approach to prevent any security and reliability problems and a support other webhosting providers simply cannot match. I am extremely happy with my two accounts at lunarpages and so should you! The biggest advantage of this affordable web hosting provider is the high traffic limit. For a web site with lots of graphics, or to host multiple domains in one webhosting account. this would be the best web hosting plan. Get 2500GB of transfer for only $6.95 .
    Powerful Hosting - $7.95 - Free Setup
    iPowerWeb has a similar price for their basic package, and that price also includes the cost of your domain name. So this is an ideal alternative web hosting provider. I have one web site with Ipowerweb, and I have not had any problems with reliability. So have a look at the features you favour in your best webhosting provider and make your choice of which of these reliable web hosting providers you prefer!

    Any other questions?

    If you have more questions about these reliable affordable web hosting providers, or if you need some help with your web site, why not send me an . Or visit one of the following web sites:

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  • Good Luck with your web site.

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