As an Australian web master, you'll have to decide whether you are going to use Australian web hosting providers or an overseas web hosting company. Although you can be nationalistic, the fact is that most web hosting plans in the US are much cheaper and provide more features. If a large number of your visitors are going to come from the USA or Europe, it also makes sense to consider those web hosting providers that are as close to the centre of the Internet as possible and therefore have a fast connection to the super information highway.

Hence, you first have to choose whether your visitors are mainly going to be Australians or whether they are going to come from overseas. As the Australian market is fairly small, you'll be much more successful if you can target the larger international market. That's why all my sites have a domain name with an international domain extension such as .com or .net, and they are all hosted by reliable hosting providers in the US. Only if you are confident that your main market is in Australia, should you consider an Australian web hosting service.

Affordable and reliable web hosting services.

Reliability and cost are the main issues I am concerned with in a web hosting service. I found this at Lunarpages Web Hosting . With a very proactive approach to prevent any security problems and a reliability and support my other webhosting providers simply could not match. I tried a lot of web hosting companies until I found Lunarpages. You don't have to go through all that trouble. I am extremely happy with my accounts at lunarpages and so should you!

Any other questions?

If you want to know why I selected the web hosting packages I use now, you'll have to visit my main web hosting providers page. If you have more questions, or if you need some help with your web site, why not send me an email. Or visit one of the following web sites:

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