If you were looking for a I'll Try To Be Nicer If You Try To Be Smarter t-shirt, I am sorry but that T shirt is not in stock at the moment. We do have this My dog is smarter than your honor student T shirt and many other funny tshirts. Or I see Dumb people! Why not look at our store for similar funny t-shirts:
My Dog Is Smarter Bumper Sticker

My Dog Is Smarter Bumper Sticker

Peel it...Stick it...Love it! Bumper stickers have always been a great way to express yourself and let every body on the road know how you feel. From funny jokes to inspirational messages bumper stickers are a very noticeable way to get your point across! These high quality, weather durable adhesive backed stickers stay put and easily remove from most all surfaces. Great for all applications including room decor, party gifts, stick them any where! These sticker measure 10'? long and 2 ?? wide. This comical sticker reads, ?My dog is smarter than your honor student? on a red backdrop and feature two dog bones.

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I Is A College Student T-Shirt

Of course, you can also put these funny quotes on a bumper sticker:
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