We have an extensive range of dog related t-shirts and You wish I would treat you like my dog is undoubtedly one of our most popular funny dog T shirts. Or where you looking for a Dog T-Shirt (Grey) for your dog?

Unfortunately our Dog Person funny pet tshirt is no longer available, but we have many other funny dog t-shirts, with slogans such as Pugs not drugs and Blame the dog! If you want to see all our dog t-shirts just click on one of the Tshirts below.

Treat You Like My Dog Girls T-Shirt

Blame The Dog T-Shirt (Red)

Blame The Dog T-Shirt (Red)

Blame The Dog T-Shirt (Red)

Pugs Not Drugs T-Shirt :: Dog Lovers Against Drugs Novelty Tee

Of course, you can also put these funny quotes on a bumper sticker:
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