Our favourite one-liners for Funny T-shirts.

Many of the more than a 2550 one-liners at our canonical list of bumper stickers would look just as good on funny T-shirts. Here is a special extract from our list with our favourite funny T-shirt one-liners. This page has some of the one liners I have seen, or would like to see, on a funny Tshirt.

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24 Hours in a Day 24 Beers in a Case Coincidence?
Abso Fukin Lutely
All in favour of Viagra please rise
Almost Single
A real gentleman wouldn't stare at my stickers.(custom)
Areyous taringatm ytits?(custom)
All County Team Cow Tipping
Animals Taste Good(out of stock)
Blonde and proud of it(custom)
Blondes don't need Viagra(custom)
Blondes may tease, but Redheads please(custom)
Boldly Going Nowhere(out of stock)
Bomb Squad(out of stock)
Britney Spears Addict(custom)
Buy This Man A Beer(out of stock)
Cat Person(out of stock)
Celebrity Addict (add name of favourite celebrity)(custom)
Cereal Killer
Clowns Taste Funny(out of stock)
Define Boyfriend
Designated Drunk
Desperate Dads Club
Desperate Housewife
Dog Person(out of stock)
Doesn't Play Well with Others
Don't Annoy The Crazy Person
Don't make me call out my Flying Monkeys(out of stock)
Finish your Beer. There are sober kids in India
First Bank of Dad
Guys have feelings too- Who cares...(custom)
He Who Hesitates is... Um?(out of stock)
Hopping Mad(custom)
Hottie (Playboy)
Hot Shit
I'm with Stupid
I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap out a better conversation than you(out of stock)
I did London, I did New York, but I loved doing Paris
I don't need no Educashun(custom)
If I throw A Stick, Will You Leave?(out of stock)
If Only These Were Brains
I Have The Pussy So I Make The Rules
I Live In My Own Little World, but it's OK... They know me here(out of stock)
I love sex
I'll Try To Be Nicer If You Try To Be Smarter(out of stock)
I Suffer From CRS (Cant Remember Shit)
It's tourist season why can't we shoot them?(out of stock)
Just Remember, if the world didn't suck... we'd all fall off(out of stock)
Lawyers Have Feelings Too! (allegedly)(out of stock)
Life's Too Short to Dance with Ugly Men
Life's Too Short To Date Ugly Women
Mary Is My Homegirl
Maybe...Maybe Not
Me so Horny
Miss Biker Bitch
My Boyfriend Is Out Of Town
Objects under this shirt are Larger Than They Appear
On the Rebound You'll Do
Out Of My Mind Be Back In Five Minutes
Paris Sucks
Party Hardy
Party 'Til You Puke
Perfect And Italian Too
Shit Happens(out of stock)
Show Me Your Hooters
Stop the Slaughter! Boycott Baby Oil!(custom)
Tattooed White Trash
This bloke carries no cash, he's married(custom)
This is my drinking shirt
This Is Not A Photo Opportunity
Teenage Millionaire (Jesus)
Trust Me I'm A Lawyer
Unless you're a haemorrhoid, get off my ass!(custom)
Us blondes aren't dumb(custom)
Von Drunk
Von Bitch
Wam Bam Thank you Mam(custom)
Warning I Have An Attitude And Know How To Use It
Warning Truckers Can Be Dangerous
Wasted All The Time
Whatever the questions is, Liquor Is The Answer
Weapons Of Mass Distraction
Wet T-Shirt Contest Winner
Willy Wonka I'm Sorry T-shirt
Wish These Were Brains(out of stock)
You Don't Know Me. Federal Witness Protection Program.(out of stock)
You're just jealous that the voices talk to me(out of stock)
Your Boyfriend Thinks I'm Hot
Your lips keep moving... but all I hear is "Blah Blah Blah..."(out of stock)
You suck

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