Our favourite patriotic bumper stickers.

Because of the size of our canonical list of bumper stickers with more than a 2500 bumpersticker quotes, it may be difficult to find the few patriotic bumper stickers, such as the Proud to be American bumper sticker. We have therefore decided to also publish a page of just patriotic car stickers. This page has all the patriotic one liners and American bumper stickers I could find in our canonical list.

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America! Love it or leave it.
Bin Laden hates Rock'n Roll.
Bin Laden used Your gas money.
Buy American, while there is still time!
God Bless the USA.
I love my country, but fear BIG Government.
I never saw an American Flag burned at a gun show!
If you enjoy your freedom, Thank a Vet!
Liberty is not Free!
Proud to be American.
Remember September 11 Forever!
September 12: Sell your SUV day!
Skin Bin!
Support our troops!
SUV: Super Unpatriotic Vehicle.
They may break our hearts, but not our Spirit!
United We Stand!
United We Stand. Divided we Fall!

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