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Fun with Britney Spears
Flash Games

Are you a serious Britney Spears fan? Can you take a joke?
If you are, and have no feel for humor, these flash funnies and
cool free Britney Spears flash games may not be for you.
You should go straight to our Britney Spears desktop wallpaper page,
Design your own Britney Spears Addict T-shirt or,

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This is a Britney Spears humour site. Not a I hate Britney Spears page.
The enormous amount of jokes, parodies, and funny flashes on Britney Spears is proof of her enormous popularity.

Listen to the distinctive sound of Britney in
Oops I farted again

Experience top investigative journalism in
this flash funnies about the size of Britney Spears Boobs:
The mystery of Britney Spears breasts

After that you can decide for yourself
 How big do you want Britney's boobs to be.

Learn about the new Britney Spears virus

Watch Britney Spears dance with President Bush in
United We dance

See Britney Brawl with Bill Clinton