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So you are looking for funny dirty naughty blondes What is it about naughty blondes that attracts all that attention? Anyway, we hope that you enjoy this naughty blonde humor.

Dirty blondes jokes

If you get upset by funny jokes about dumb dirty blondes, why are you here? just don't read these dirty blondes jokes and go to our Irish jokes.

Naughty blondes jokes

A blond cowboy is walking into a small town in the west with nothing on but is hat and boots. He was unlucky to be spotted by the local sherrif who promptly approaches the blonde youn man to arrest him for indecent exposure.

"What is happening here?", the sherrif asks, "why are you walking on the street without any clothes?"

"Well", the blonde cowboy anwers, "I met this pretty brunette in the bar down there, and she invited me back to her motor home. And when we arrived there, she took off her top. Ofcourse, I did the same!"

"Then she asked me to take of my pants and took of her skirt", the blonde continues, "When I did, she took of the rest and lied down on the bed"

"But when I then took of my short, she looks at me with a funny grin and yells
Now go to town, Cowboy"

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