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Dirty carburetor

Getting bored with driving her old car, Madonna decides to pay a visit to her local dealer. An hour later, she is the proud new owner of a beautiful Jaguar convertible.

Her long blond hair flowing in the wind, Madonna takes the car on her first drive, planning to spend the afternoon on a long and pleasant trip in the country. Unfortunately, her initial excitement soon disappeared when after only an half hour the engine begins to sputter and the car slowly comes to a halt.

After a few futile attempts to start the car again, Madonna uses her mobile phone to contact the dealer who promises to send a mechanic straight away. Half an hour later, the mechanic arrives, and within a few minutes the engine is again purring like a cat.

"What was the matter", Madonna asks? "Nothing serious", the mechanic replied. "Just crap in the carburetor!"

"Oh ...", Madonna says, and a shocked expression appears on her face.

" How often do I have to do that"?

Jigsaw puzzle

One day, Madonna phoned her best friend and said with an upset voice, "I've been trying to get this jigsaw puzzle together, but I just don't know where to start! "

"What kind of puzzle is it?", asked her friend. "Oh, I don't know!", Madonna said, "It has a rooster on the box and there are so many pieces. Can't you come over and help me to get started, please?"

Madonna being Madonna, the friend hurries over. "Where is this puzzle ", she asks.

"On the table ", Madonna replies.

With a surprised look on her face, the friend turns around and says, "Funny! .... Just put the corn flakes back in the box"


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