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What is it about blonde girls that attracts all that attention? Are blondes really more sexy than brunettes, and why does everybody think that being born with blonde hair automatically turns a sexy girl into a dumb blonde, but doesn't effect a bloke? Whatever the reasons, we hope that you enjoy these pages.

This is a Blonde Joke site

We have no photos of nude blonde girls, not a single picture. We do plan to add a few images of famous blondes, but they won't be naked. Instead we are building up a site with the best blonde jokes we can find. No rude sexist one-liners on this site, only the best. Of course, we also have a link page to other sites with blonde girl jokes.

Do you get upset by blonde jokes ?

We realize that many people get upset by jokes about dumb blondes, so we are planning to provide you with alternative versions of our dumb blonde jokes. Just click here for our alternative versions. Of course, that won't help if you are also upset by Irish jokes. Well, maybe you'll like our Madonna jokes ?

Help support the development of this site.

This web site is still in it's early days. If you like this site, you can help us by referring this site to your friends and family. 

Our current joke of the month.

A ventriloquist is performing in a small comedy club and just finishing a round of dumb blonde jokes.

Suddenly a big blonde in the audience stands up and shouts: "OK I've had enough, this is not funny. Stop telling those stupid denigrating blonde jokes. Why do you think that a person's hair colour has anything to do with his or her qualities as a human being?"

"I didn't mean to offend you", the ventriloquist starts to reply.  Before he can say anything else, however, the blonde interrupts:

 "You better stay out of this mister, it's that little bloke on your knee I am talking to!"

Send us your favorite joke.

If you have a joke you would like to add, just send an email with the subject "blonde joke".

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