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The canonical list of blonde jokes is the most extensive list of blonde jokes available on the internet. Because of the large number of not so funny blonde jokes, however, the canonical list of blonde jokes is not so hilarious as you would expect. It is more a research tool for those interested in blonde jokes humor.

Top 10 blonde jokes (one liners)

Most of the jokes in the canonical list of blonde jokes are one liners. Also, many of the jokes in the canonical list are blonde dirty jokes. I prefer clean blonde jokes. If you want the complete list click here. If you want the canonical list for other text jokes, such as Yo Momma, Lawyer jokes or Confucius Say jokes go to the list of canonical joke lists.

Here is my list of favourite Q&A one liners:

Q: How do you keep a blonde in suspense? 
A: (I'll tell you tomorrow.)

Q: What do you do when a blonde throws a pin at you? 
A: Run like Hell....she's got the hand grenade in her mouth.

Q: Did you hear about the blond with a Masters degree in Psychology? 
A: She'll blow your mind, too.

Q: How can you tell a blonde had a bad day? 
A: Her tampon is behind her ear and she doesn't know what she did with her cigarette.

Q: What do you call a blonde without an asshole? 
A: Divorced.

Q: Why did the blonde stare at frozen orange juice can for 2 hours? 
A: Because it said 'concentrate'.

Q1: How can you tell if a blonde's been using your computer? 
A: There's white-out on the screen.

Q: What's the difference between a pit bull and a blonde with PMS? 
A: Lipstick.

Q: Why do Blondes take the pill? 
A: So they know what day of the week it is.

Q: Why do men like blonde jokes?? 
A: Because they can understand them.

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