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If you like blonde jokes, blonde bumper stickers are sure to get you laughing.

So here are some bumper sticker jokes about blondes. Of course most will look good on a funny T-shirt as well.

Blonde bumper sticker jokes.

Blonde and proud of it

Blonde and having fun

Blondes don't need Viagra

Blondes have more fun

CAUTION: Blonde having fun

CAUTION Blonde Thinking

CAUTION: Driver legally blonde!

Honk if you're Blonde

I am not a dumb blonde. I have been to collage!

Im An Natural Blond

If you're not blonde, why do you act like it

I see blonde people

I suffer from BRS: Blonde Root Syndrome

Not all dumbs are blonde

So many Blondes - So little time.

Us blondes aren't dumb

Blondes get their dumb reputation from brunettes who dyed their hair.

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